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208 Debra Drive

Williamsburg, VA 23188


Attn: Mr. Aziz Mekouar

         Ambassador of Morocco

         Washington, DC



Mr. Mekouar,


I am writing on behalf of the Moroccan community in the Hampton Roads area, hoping that this letter will be taken into consideration.

Moroccans in the US learned that Mr. Hassan Khantach, Consul of Morocco in Washington, is about to leave end his term and leave to another destination.

For the past several years, we were blessed by having Mr. Khantach as our voice and as one of the most hard working and faithful Moroccan officials. Every time a Moroccan in the US needs something or has any kind of request, Mr. Khantach has been there for all of us. He contributed to the development and the empowerment and the prosperity of the Moroccan community in the US. We all consider him as a source of encouragement and comfort when any one of us goes through tough times. 

Therefore I am asking you, Mr. Ambassador, to please extend Mr. Khantchs term in the US for some more time. Moroccans in the US and especially in my area (Williamsburg and Hampton Roads) will be very pleased to see him stay and continue to serve all of US for a better life in this great country far from home.


Thank you for your time,


Hassane El Merrouni

On behalf of the Moroccan community in the Hampton Roads area.





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