Give a shot with Hot Shot

Whenever I hear about the gossip related to gambling or betting I get excited and share my experience with those. Due to my busy schedule I rarely visit the casinos but thanks to the technology which gives the opportunity to access to the world of pokies from anywhere and anytime. There are many games which are based on the concept and the subject related to the famous TV series or based on some movies.

The contest which compels me the most to go through its ride is the Hot Shot which gives me the feeling as if I am driving the race cars. You can download the app in your phone. This is featured with five reels and 9 lines of pay and has been designed by the microgaming. The limit of betting starts from $0.25 to max of $ 2.00. The wild symbols of this one are the animated icon of ball and the scattered symbols which are used in this one is the icon of trophy.

This one themed on the sporting background which is really out of the world and very attractive which can mould you to stay in its world. I found many similarity of this one of the films and its graphics is really refreshing one and it will make you to remember some of the scenes and incidents of the Hollywood and Bollywood too. The ultimate part of this one is the scheme of rewarding which is really totally different from any other which I am known about.

The services provided by this will please you. The interface is full of many things related to the sports such as gloves, archery, race cars, auto parts and many more. If you arrange the logo of ball concurrently in the active slots you will get many rewards and even free spins too.

Try luck with Jesters Jackpot

While going through the game of pokies everybody is in wait for the round of jackpot which gives the heavy return compared to any of the round. And if you get the game whose name itself based on the wait then this would be the best one for them. In the same way when I was searching for the online pokies I found Jesters Jackpot the most promising and much easy to make start with many rewards. This game had been designed by the microgaming with few reels and certain lines of pay.

There are many reasons for the popularity of this one such as there is the chance of maximum bonus, the extra feature of three dimensional graphics; it does not require much concentration compared to any other which I am known about. Theme of this one is very simple and refreshing one based on the imagination and the jester of the court. The characters of the game are very funny with multi-color wearing hat with some bells who is heading towards the symbols of letters.

Winning is being decided upon the combination of the symbols and this is featured with three reels, single lines of pay and the betting of the coins which may vary from one, two or three per spins and the coins can be set from the range of $0.25 to $5 on each one. The biggest reward of this pokie machine comes by making the combinations of the wild symbols which is the symbols of the hat in the active slots concurrently. The interface of this one is full of many wild scattered symbols and the background sound which is used in this one will not allow moving out from its world. With some of the fortune and following some strategy will let to get many prizes and gifts which will compel you to visit again and again.

Birthday Bash in the Hot Air

Hot air balloons and the air gliders have always been my fantasy but unfortunately I never got the chance to get a ride over one yet. But last week my elder cousin returned from the base, actually he is a soldier and he promised that he is going to arrange a personal glider and balloon ride for me on my 19th birthday. That was the major why I was pretty excited for this birthday of mine comparatively to others.

When he came, he told me that he had arranged a flight Sydney to Melbourne by the glider and then a short round of the city with the helium balloon. And when the day arrived we get over the airship for my dream ride, when we ascend with a constant rate on certain height he gave me the control of the machine for some time. When we got there we had so much on the balloon ride too. After my brother brought me to the famous hotel of Melbourne, the hotel has also got the section of casino and gambling stuff. At first he hesitated to bring me there, but it was my birthday so I managed to make him ok with me going there.

As we got there , he bring me to this slot machine called the hot air slot, actually he was making sure that the fun continues with the same theme. It is a five reel online slot from the king of gaming industry Microgaming, Truly based on the hot air balloon theme with all the stuff like Plane, Hamper Bird and the telescope man. And the scatter symbol was the pilot set in the background of blue sky. The graphics and interface of it were quite simple to be understood by the beginner. And eventually it became the best birthday of mine ever.

Jack in the Box

It was my leave from the office because I was suffering from food poisoning and it was very hard for me to pass the time, so I thought to give some time to my son. When I told him to recite some poem he told me the poem of Jack and Jill and taken the review of him related to his study. Telling about me that I am very passionate about the gambling and after that I went for the search of some new game through online and I found Jack in the Box the most interesting one. I went for the review of that even on the wiki to learn more about it and after that I downloaded the full app in my android phone.

The meaning of this is quite clear that it offers you the three reel play and single line of pay which gives you the opportunity to make the fortune. There are many 7 symbols, some icons of bar, and some cherries. The range of betting starts from $0.25 to max of $10.00 which attracts the mass. It is also very famous in Mumbai and in the corporate world of India. As the name of the title ensures you that this is the wild symbols of this one and when you hit it in the active lines you can win many gifts and even some coupons which you can use for getting the free spins.

I got addicted of this one such a way that I sometimes enjoy it while having grilled cheese. The more you make the matching of the symbols in the active slots the more you get the chance of win and the return gift can be in many form such as some bonuses, gifts in the form of toys and many more. As we aware that the more you bet the more you will get chance of winning but this also depends on your luck.

Awesome world of Island Style

Did I tell you that I was in Las Vegas last year on my birthday and had plenty of adventures? The most adventurous thing which I did was my visit to the casinos which was for the first time. The game which I tried there was the most amazing one for me which was Island Style. When I was returning back from the place I was feeling to go through that one. Thanks to the technology which solved out the problem, I made a search of that one through online and I got many suggestions related to that. I went for the full paid app of the entitled one and started to dance in the world of pokies.

This is the featured game of three reels and it is themed with the view of the island which is the best combination of this one. You will get many events of winning from the time you put on your finger on the keyboard. The symbols which are used in this one are bars, cherries, flowers and toucans. Using all the four symbols you will get the 7 different combinations of winning to get the rewards and gifts. The most beneficial part of this one is that it provides a high ratio of hitting mean you will get more number of rewards after making the perfect hit of the icons in the active slots.

I often enjoy it sitting on the chairs in the café or while laying on my bedding which gives the feels as if I am in the villa. The graphics of this one really awesome and the images which are used in this one is being dressed up in very funny way which will put smile on your face. The design of the boutique which is used in the clothing of this is really cool and refreshing. I was fortunate in many ways because I won many gifts and even some capital too and I often go through this one whenever I get any spare time.

Dealing With the Fun of Diamond Deal Slot Machines

Diamond is a stone of which every girl dream off. Every girl wants that her hubby will gift them a diamond ring and they loves to wear it as her memento of engagement. They really love it and not only the females, but males are also not far away from the glittering world of this dominant stone. And the game of which I am going to talk about is worthy of its name. This one is Diamond Deal. There is a very famous saying that diamonds are the best friend for the females but if you will try this then you will be able to know that they can become your best friend also. This is the deal on which you will never back off and will never hurt by the consequences and outcomes of the results. Your winning chances are same as the experienced players or as a newbie.

My first clash with it happened when I was in Australia for a business deal. I went there as a representative of my corporation. I have meetings in a couple of cities there and that was my first tour as a representative so it more for me and I was well prepared for all the meetings. I visited there previously as a tourist so I was aware of the casino industry there. I completed my meetings in Sydney and after that headed towards Perth. When I was travelling there, one traveler was sitting beside me and he was playing this one. I played many types of games, but that was different from those classical ones. I started talking from him and getting more information about it. He told me that, it is similar to other traditional ones the thing that differentiate it from other is its payout amount.

This system gives you maximum coins when you won it. I asked him to show how it is played. He played a chance in front of me. You have to just hope for the combination of diamonds and if you were able to find it then you can win a monstrous amount. He explained all the consequences of it. I thanked him and borrow the apk file to install it on my android device. He shared that with me and I installed it. After reaching my hotel, I tried a hand on it and enjoyed it on full height.